C O N S U L T I N G           Beratung 



                   gersonandfriends est. 1992      



                                    Oben:                  Bei Altenkrempe in Schleswig-Holstein auf der Landstrasse

                                   Unten:                  Shenyang Beiling Park UNESCO World Heritage Site                                        arnecgerson nikon d 810 Fotografie


   Was wollen Sie wissen? Mit welchem Produkt wollen Sie China erobern? Was Sie wissen müssen. Alles ist anders und zwar ganz

   anders. Gut zu wissen.

                                     Beratung / Consulting  seit /   est 1992    vielen Dank für Ihr Vertrauen /   I appreciate your faith in me.

                S T A F F  :  C H I N A    G E R M A N Y     A U S T R A L I A 

                                             ON LOCATION  :   C H I N A   G E R M A N Y  A U S T R A L I A

Offen und vorurteilsfrei gegenüber China?

Budget geklärt und vorhanden?



Made in Germany?

Dann sollten wir vielleicht miteinander reden. Oder einfach mal machen! Gut beraten statt verraten.

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City of Goldcoast

                                                                                                Above: Beijing   Korea Town

                                      Oben/above : Kärntner Straße in Wien. Innere Stadt.  arnecgerson  canon 5 d  mark 3 photography      

"If you always hire people are smaller than you are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. If, on the other hand , you always hire peole who are bigger than you are, we shall become a company of giants." David Ogilvy 

 Its all a question of perspective





        data-hungry ? commission-hungry? ever-hungry?  or just be hungry?

              DALIAN BEIJING SHENYANG      food guide      anything except rice            best teppanyaki and famous korean bbq in beautiful DALIAN      

                      tasty sandwiches and great coffee with excellent service at galleria in Dalian   and best eat out in Beijing and Shenyang        okay, the best insider tip , that would be telling.

                     And the best of all ....   a tiny grill in dadong , best Sauerkraut, best Oysters, best lamb, best .....   and good Franziskaner Weizen for only few Yuan. You are in my spot.

   Above:  Hotel Okura Tokyo        arnecgerson photography   state of the art living in Tokyo  .....please, never change the interior design from the 1960s

                 famous places for eating out and great accommodation insider tip   hidden places               arnecgerson@web.de

                                                                                                         assorted samples of "my" favourite hotels


                                     lors de mon séjour á Paris. coucher: Hotel Regina . manger au restaurant : Angelina,Voltaire,Bofinger,La Tartine,Chez I'Ami Louis ... Merci Paris!


在中国为德国人 欧洲人 美国人提供传统正宗的欧洲以及美国美食

        My famous  european place for a short break since ages. Clockwise: Beach house right at coast and sandy beach. Dunes at Cabanas. 

        Lovely fisher couple Pedras d´el Rei.Beautiful Hinterland at Tavira.

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